Things to Do in Anuradhapura

Samadhi Statue

Samadhi refers to Buddha's enlightenment which is depicted by the statue with the sitting position of meditation. The philosophical allegiance of the believer may determine whether the Buddha's Enlightenment was the experience formally known as samadhi or some other event.


The statue, which dates from the 4th to 6th centuries, is considered to be one of the greatest Buddha statues in Sri Lanka. The Samadhi Buddha stands 7 feet 3 inches in height and is made of dolomite marble.


The Buddha sits cross-legged in the Dhyana Mudra (Samadhi Stance), his upturned hands placed one over the other on his lap. This stance is well-known across the Buddhist world, and hence this statue is one of the most common pieces of Buddhist art.


Jethawana Stupa

Jethawana stupa, Buddhist reliquary monument, noteworthy in recorded history as one of the largest constructions in the ancient world and the highest non-pyramidal architecture; the stupa's height was 122 metres (400 ft), and the massive edifice remained covered in shrub jungle until 1909. It is now 71 meters tall (233 ft).

With a base area of 233,000 m2, the construction is no longer the highest, but it is still the biggest (2,508,000 sq ft). It was built with around 93.3 million baked bricks; the engineering genius underlying the structure's construction is a notable development in the island's history.


The Great Stupa

The Ruwanweli Maha Seya, commonly known as the Mahathupa (the Great Thupa), is a stupa in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. The stupa houses two quarts or one Dona of the Buddha's relics, making it the world's biggest collection of his remains. It was built in 140 B.C. by Sinhalese King Dutugemunu.


Twin ponds

In Sri Lanka, twin ponds or pools are well-preserved historic bathing tanks or ponds. The Sinhalese erected these pair of ponds during the ancient Anuradhapura Kingdom. They are part of the Abhayagiri vihara complex and represent ancient Sinhalese achievements in hydrological engineering, architecture, and art.



Isurumuniya is a Buddhist temple in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, near the Tissa Wewa (Tisa tank). In this Vihara, there are four noteworthy sculptures. The Isurumuniya Lovers, Elephant Pond, and The Royal Family are their names.


Day Tour from Anuradhapura

Wilpattu is considered by many to be the best day tour to go from Anuradhapura. The main entrance to the park is located at 47 Km or nearly about a one-hour drive. 

Wilpattu Safari Park

The park is known as the Land of Lakes due to the existence of more than 105 natural lakes and tanks distributed across more than 1,300 square kilometers, and it is world-renowned for its leopard population. The Wilderness & Wildlife Conservation Trust performed a study in the park in 2015 and discovered at least 49 individual leopards.






Sloth Bear


Safari Jeep


The Main Entrance

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