Escorted tours 2020/2021

Luxury Guided Tour Holidays

11 days - 10 Nights


10 PAX per Group

$ 1980 per Person

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The route map  




 Negombo | Chilaw | Anuradhapura | Sigiriya

Kandy | Ella | Yala | Tangalle | Galle 




History | Culture | Architecture 

Nature | Wildlife | Beach | Train Ride 




Cookery Lesson | Tea Tasting | Surf

Yoga | Meditation | & more...



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Expert Tour Guide | Entrance Tickets

Bicycle | Jeep | Boat |Surf Board | Snorkel Gears  Covid-19 precautionary measures


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Accommodation in shared double room.


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Welcome to Farewell


Arrival to Colombo Airport:

SKYFEATHER airport representative will welcome you at the Colombo Airport Arrival Lounge and transfer you to hotel until get the Coronavirus Negative PCR test report; and you will be continue the holiday tour following Covid-19 Health and Hygiene Protocols.       

This Escorted Guided Tour Holiday eliminates guess work and immerses holidaymaker in the must- sees, must tastes and must-meets of this beautiful Isle.
In other words, the best you can do in 11 days. Starting from relaxing beach front hotel to discover ancient ruins in North Central of Sri Lanka. Summiting the lion rock to central highlands, by taking one of the most beautiful train journeys of the world. And go in to the wild South-West to lonely beaches in Deep South.
Introducing to the local crew:
After having PCR Test Report and few relaxing hours in hotel premises, you will be greeted and introduced to a local crew, including your guide driver and helper over a typical tasty cocktail or a fresh tropical fruit juice according to the favour of the group. 
This will be a friendly meeting and our guide will introducing the tour program in brief and will be sharing some information about popular Negombo town and it history in brief as an entrance to the program.
Later group will be joining a little walk at the beach while sun is setting, Welcome-Dinner will be arranged in a typical Negombo restaurant facing the sea; group can enjoy the sun set and also can enjoy a chill local lion beer, until the dinner served. 
Fresh grilled whole fish with some salad/ typical Negombo style rice and curry will be served. 
Overnight Stay at Hotel Pledge Scape – Negombo. (One Night)
First night in Sri Lanka.


DAY 1:

Negombo to Anuradhapura

Checking out from hotel in Negombo, morning visit to the popular fish market call “lellama” and group will be informed by what type of fishing activities Sri Lankan’s involve, how important Negombo fish market and a brief of its history, Local interaction with the people who are carrying the dry fish process will take a place, and amazing picture of typical sailing fishing boat which only can see in Negombo will be interesting to capture,

Then after leaving Negombo while sighting 17th Century Dutch canal.

Today the end destination will be ancient Anuradhapura city.

It’s about 3.30 journey along the north western beach road,

It will be providing some amazing memories and some beautiful picture stops nearby some lagoons, chillaw fort and wash room stop will be a good short break to the group to the understand home many different small towns that will be passing during the journey,

Guide will be informing the group during the journey about Sri Lanka and will get involve a group conversation to understand the nature of the topics that mostly will interest to know while sharing some key information to remember about Sri Lanka which will be important to know.

Also will be inform the group about the surrounding area passing until reach Anuradhapura to let the group feel how different and vast the biodiversity in Sri Lanka.

Will be checking to the hotel around lunch time and lunch will be included in the hotel restaurant, and the guide will inform the group about an evening meeting time to leave the hotel to see one of main Buddhist attraction of Sri Lanka.

Later group can enjoy quality free time, enjoying the pool, sleep etc...

By the evening around 5.30pm group will be leaving with cloths can cover those shoulders and knees as informed by guide to see the second most venerated Buddhist shrine in Sri Lanka, which is sacred Bodhi tree, it’s the recorded oldest tree ever planted by humans on this earth planted in a special place and people carrying rituals since it arrive to Sri Lanka from India in 3rd century BC, guide will be sharing information about this and group will be participating one of a life time experience to witness the Sapling of the original Bodhi tree which Buddha sat under and attained enlightenment,

Group will get to know each and every ritual conducting by the locals and they can participate if too.

Only activity for the day will be that and group will return to the hotel with peaceful mind and that will enjoy a included dinner at the hotel and end of the day before sat good night guide will inform about next day program and what to carry with them, leaving time, collection of baggage time and some important information will support their next day.

Overnight Stay at Aryana boutique hotel, Bandaranaike Mawatha, Anuradhapura.

2nd Night

The Heritage

Day 2

Sigiriya Via Habarana

As pre-informed group will be pack and ready to leave without leaving any of their valuables in the hotel,

Today will be interesting than ever anything the group gave experiences before.

9 am leaving the hotel, exploring most important Sri Lankan archeological site considered the first capital of Sri Lanka.

Some important places from this huge site will be introduced to the group with their interest and to get informed how Sri Lanka once was and how the Buddhism has shaped Sri Lankan history and most creative sculptures, creative art works, such as;

*Samadhi statue

*Twin pond

*Giant Eth pond (6 times bigger than the Olympic pool)

*Massive Jethawana stupa

* Ruwanwali saya

* Isurumiya

* RANMASU uyana

Will be filling the minds of the group while making them happy about how amazing and unique the Sri Lankan culture and history is.

Leaving the site en route will visit less touristy but important and uniquely beautiful Ritigal historic monastery site and the group will be welcomed by typical local martial art masters who practicing the most ancient martial art in the world call ANGAM,

Group will be treated by a lunch prepared by them and will be served in an eye catching peaceful location facing green rice fields, and will serve typical herbal tea made by the villagers,

Later that will be visiting the amazing Ritigala site and will understand the history and Sri Lankan architecture in the past with the information will share by the guide,

After visiting the site group will be accompanied by the Angam masteres to the place where they practice this secret martial art hidden by the world to show the group how fascinating is that, pictures will be worth millions as nobody ever will see something like that anywhere in the world than Sri Lanka.

After this group will be leaving to their next destination which is habarana,

It’s close to the most popular national park to see biggest wild elephant gatherings in South Asia in huge herds calls Minneriya National Park,

Safaris to visit this national park will be optional to the group according to each and everyone’s favours,

Will be checking in to the hotel and evening will be leisure,

Dinner will prepare by Sri Lankan chefs cooking amazing dishes in the hotel,

Stay 2 Nights at Hotel Sigiriya Jungles (3rd Night in Sri Lanka)

“Sunrise to Sunset”

Day 3

Group will be leaving the hotel early in the morning around 5 am. And will reach the place called Pidurangala after short climb that will reach a giant rock surface where you can see UNESCO world heritage and most popular archeology site in Sri Lanka which is world famous SIGIRIYA,

Early morning bird activities, sunrise and information about Sigiriya and where they are on top at the moment will share by guide during and exclusive specially prepared breakfast arranged on top of Pidurangal rock surface will make the day amazing and beautiful for the group,

They will be treated with fruits, local bread, fresh juice and typical herbal tea which will nourish and refresh while allowing an amazing energy to the group,

After sunrise/ breakfast group will get down from pidirangala and will take a short journey by the travel vehicle to climb the mysterious Sigiriya rock fortress,

Guide will briefly inform everything about Sigiriya during the short visit to the museum which is amazing and donated by Japanese government to Sri Lanka,

There will be lot to learn new about the world this day,

Who build this place? Why? When? About 1500 years old fresco paintings and all the amazing facts about this place will take the mindset of the group letting them feel how lucky they are to witness such a worthy place to the entire human race,

Guide will accompany the group while expanding legends about the place thought the most beautiful and most advanced ancient water garden ever found in south east Asia,

There will be people talking about the number of steps group need to take to reach the summit but SKYFEATHER guides are well trained to enlighten anyone to letting them  knowing this is not just another hike somebody ever took, but this is a time travel in the past to see the future we I’ll experience in our lives,

Witnessing fresco pocket, walking along the popular mirror wall, starting to reach the summit to see the remaining of the place amazingly created by our ancestors, witnessing the swimming pools and the water management done by those creators by surprising modern science and leaving questions on great historians heads will make this hike will be the highlight of the day to the group.

After Spending enough time, taking beautiful pictures, group will be back to the travel vehicle and SKYFEATHER team will refresh the group by handing some fresh towels and some fresh fruits to gain the energy they consumed during the hike,

Washrooms, cool water bottles will be provided before group gets back in the travel vehicle,

Leaving back to the hotel,

Relaxing at the pool,


Optional visits to the Dambulla rock cave complex will be informed by the guide, this will be totally under the interest or requests by group members,


Evening going to be amazing anyway as we have named this day as “sunrise to sunset”

Today evening we will be taking the group outside of the hotel to enjoy creative exciting evening we call gypsy night.

Leaving the hotel around 5 or 5.30 leisurely to a beautiful lake and with safety guiding and instructions group will be joining a typical Sri Lankan catamaran ride and will be paddling to the middle of the lake where they can see Sigiriya rock from the distance and the sunset, during this group will be treated by Tody which is a local wine distilled by fish tail palm tree sap, which is unique and special,

Our catamaran ride slowly will reach a location at the bank of the lake decorated with colorful lamps and bon fire, local music band will keep the group entertaining today with some local traditional music,

Group will welcomed by local village woman’s who will cook a special dinner for them, group can participate the activities,

They will get to know how to unpeeled rice, how to grind, what are the local species people use to cook, and almost all the activities related to a farming family kitchen,

Dinner will be served, singing chatting; enjoying a bottle of Sri Lanka arrack will be making the day,

Leaving back to the hotel,


As usual guide will inform the group about next day activities,


2nd Night at Sigiriya jungles (4th Night in Sri Lanka)

Sweet Kandy

Day 4

Let’s explore sweet Kandy and already half known Ceylon spice culture en route,

Today will be special as always as Sri Lanka has to offer a new day with new and fresh feeling to our group as they witnessed so far on the tour,

Leaving the hotel around 9 am after breakfast leisurely will be always a good decision as group will find there are enough time to pack their stuff properly as they are moving to a new location,

Today group heading the center of the country, changing elevation, witnessing different climatic zone than they experienced in past days in Sri Lankan dry zone, witnessing green lush and beautiful nature while visiting one of selected special spice growing land while passing most popular spice cultivating area in Sri Lanka en route will nourish the knowledge of the group about anything related with spices, related products, medicine, local remedies, and having a chance to relax a bit with welcoming head and shoulder massage ending with a spice tea will be a great access to enjoy the lunch will provided by the spice garden after the technical visit,

After lunch group will be leaving and checking in to their two night over staying Kandy hotel after a short journey running through some villages will let the guide explain abort different ethnic groups living in the island and what made them living here, their culture, customs and letting the group knows about who brought them here as well,


Kandy is a beautiful city with a lake in the middle of the town, remaining British influenced buildings, most importantly heart of the Buddhism call temple of the tooth relic, small busy streets will provide great environment to enjoy some free and own time to the group in the city while getting know a little about the UNESCO Kandy city but their own until their guide join and take them to an exclusive Japanese Restaurant in the town which will provide great and luxury atmosphere,


Overnight Stay at Hotel Thilanka. (5th Night in Sri Lanka and 1st night in Kandy)

“Meet your Guide”

Day 5

Leisurely leaving the hotel after breakfast to visit 147 acres big gorgeous royal botanical garden in Kandy will be the first activity of the day,

Your guide will enlighten you with the facts that can disappear your mind in the time, understanding how Sri Lankan soil can let grow over 4500 plant verities and witnessing an amazing orchid collection will blow you away while letting you forget where are you in the world for a moment,

It’s a pictures prefect Instagram photo booth, those who love nature and photography will enjoy this place,

Today lunch will be included and served during the garden visit letting the group understand what is Sri Lankan “lumprie” and how tasty and healthy it is and how a meal can be echo friendly without disturbing the nature will be a special event of the day,

After lunch exploring the garden group will return to the hotel en route group will be witnessing one of the most popular occupation and one other most popular reason how Sri Lanka became the world popular by introducing one thing that cannot forget once someone comes to Sri Lanka by sharing the truth, history, nature of the business, how to cut, mount, and how creative the Sri Lankan genes and Jewelry business,

This is something so famous Kandy and specially Sri Lanka,

But there for SKYFEATHER will carefully pick the right place with right atmosphere can share the real facts, real things about Sri Lankan gems while letting the group to witness a great collection of world class Ceylon sapphires, there Will be no hustle in this as this business as it has lost its prestige by some people who just tried to earn money by visitors than letting them know about something someone can only dream of in life to witness.

Kandy is surrounded by many villages full of creative people who served the king because Kandy is the last Sri Lankan kingdom.

There are pottery makers, skillfully wood carvers, gold workers, gem cutters , pottery makers, silk or linen workers, silver, bronze, silver craftsman’s villages etc...

That information will be share by the SKYFEATHER guide while taking the group for a walk in the Kandy town introducing many things in the town to not let miss anything to anyone,

This walk will end with a big WOW in groups head because we have planned a quality time in a popular colonial bar in the town which is so cool and still running, old pics of the city, architecture, Colonial influence, hospitality packed with s great welcome by kandeyan people will make the mind of the group Before group find the meaning of the name in the itinerary SKYFEATHER has given to introduce the day.

After some chilling time in Royal Bar group will be leaving to the a typical kandyan house and the dinner of the group will be served by the family who living in this house letting the group know how different the Sri Lankan kandyan culture to any other place they have seen in the island so far, we call this a dinner with a Kandy family, letting the group mix with a conversations about anything they need to know from a really Sri Lankan family.

After a good time returning to hotel and enjoying

Guide to inform the next exciting day to the group before the day ends

Overnight stay at Hotel Thilanka. The 2nd night in Kandy and 6th night in Sri Lanka)

“In to the Ceylon hills by Blue Train”

Day 6

Leaving the hotel in Kandy after breakfast group is about this experience one another great day in the island as always as it was so far in the tour,

Sri Lankan hills are special and diverse as you will take the journey up the hill city of Sri Lanka call Nuwara Eliya (City of Lights) or little England it will be a one memorable journey thought the contrast of vibrant will add to the journey while passing world best Ceylon high tea terraces, beautiful waterfalls and infinity looking sceneries through the mountains always will memorable,

Introducing a Sri Lankan Ted banana and letting taste different seasonal fruits adjoining photo stops worth a life time will be taking away the windy feeling of the groups while they climbing up to 1890m above sea level on windy roads,

Number of water falls, typical flowers, Ceylon toddy tapping, story about famous avocados, famous flour business in hill country of Sri Lanka, tasting a local pear, contrast of the beautiful vegetable field and related activities will add more the journey while you having a chance to taste Sri Lankan strawberry with chocolate syrup making the taste double up to little England,

Nuwara eliya is a small city with loads of beautiful attraction to discover within short time and after a short walk,

There will be a chance to use the wash rooms collect some snacks and if the whither is misty according to the guides information to change in to some warm clothes to wear in the most amazing train journey that everybody was waiting to enjoy.

Walk in Nuwara Eliya town with SKYFEATHER guide will take you to the most popular grand hotel, old post office building, famous Victoria Park, to the awesome remaining best 18 hole golf club, and around the city including the fruit market because Ceylon hills produce different fruits, exploring town a bit group will be taking to the Gregory lake park to enjoy a includes short sank like lunch while facing the green hills and tallest peak of Sri Lanka in front of them,

Fish and fresh chips will be served hot in the misty whether

And group will be happily leaving to the railway Station about 6k away from the city to join the famous blue train and to be there on time to take a sit on their pre booked seats after spending some time in the station while discussing facts about train in Sri Lanka with the guide.

This train journey nominated as one of the most beautiful train ride in the world due to the popularity it gained in last decade among the tourists group will understand why this is something never good to missed if visit to Sri Lanka,

Guide to explain the journey, upcoming sceneries, waterfalls and will be guiding to take a one amazing picture on the train with safety, and activities veggies, people, line houses, tea pluckers life to discuss by your guide,

After an exciting train journey group will be meeting the travel vehicle at the train station and will be greeted with warm towels or fresh towels, and will be checking in to the hotel after a short journey,

Relaxing evening, quality pool time, beer time, will make the group prepare to enjoy the dinner tonight will serve in the hotel restaurant,

After dinner events like bon fire, pool game, and a nice group chat will be according the favor of the group members,

End of another beautiful day tour guide will inform about next day program.

Stay overnight at Hideout Ella Wood Cabins. (The 1st night in Ella and the 07th Night in Sri Lanka)

“Unveil the Tea Process”

Day 7

Understanding the science behind the tea process, get to know famous Ella town, enjoy a Sri Lankan kottu rotttie, talk a walk on live train tracks, visit awesome Nine Arch Bridge and taking a Tuk-Tuk ride having an included dinner which can selected from one of inspiring Sri Lankan international cafe will make this day before group get back to the hotel end of the day.

Tea is sometime no one can forget when talking about Sri Lanka, today group will reach the Uwa Halpe tea factory and will be meeting the most passionate tea scientists who Chosen by SKYFEATHER to share the knowledge about world no one high grown tea after leaving the hotel enjoying the breakfast,

Group will be knowing about every single step from plantation to the market about Ceylon tea leaves with never ending curiosity will develop to know more about tea in anyone’s mind by our tea expert and also group will be tasting every different type of tea produce in Sri Lanka after factory tour,

After tea factory group will be leaving to the Ella town and SKYFEATHER guide will take the group to Ella by short walk and end of the walk will be time for the lunch for the group and in a selected hygiene restaurant your guide will be showing you the popular Sri Lankan kottu rottie which is deliciously filling anyone letting choose many of it verities from meat eaters to vegans, there are hundreds of different rottie verities in Sri Lanka and your lunch will not just a meal it will become a delicacy of getting know more about Sri Lanka too,

After the lunch there will be some time to the group to go split and walk a little by their own in the town before they meet back to the little ride will take the group to a cool walk around the Ella while exploring inner version and the beauty of Ella, your guide will make your about keeping local interaction and keeping you safe and guiding you on right direction in the village while sharing you the information about Ella and popular nine arch bridge you will reach soon after walking on the train tracks and train timings will be tracked down and checked beforehand even many Sri Lankan’s still use the railways tracks to find their way back home,

Group will be treated by a Ceylon black tea or a king coconut until the time comes all can see a train running over nine Arch bridge to make their desired picture memory colorful,

Tuk-Tuk ride from nine arch bridge to the Ella town back will definitely will enjoy by everyone after a walk there took and a Tuk-Tuk ride is something that they will never forget while becoming that must try Asian experience in Sri Lanka,

Returning to the cafe chill will be the end of the day as this will place provide comfy chill and cool atmosphere to socialize with fellow travelers while enjoying great cocktails on comfy chairs reading the story of the cafe, enjoying their free Wi-Fi while listening great music will play by this cafe will never make anyone unhappy once they sit there,

Back to the hotel for overnight stay.

Overnight stay at Hideout Ella Wood Cabins (The second night and 8th night in Sri Lanka)

“In to the wild”

Day 8

Leaving the hotel in the mountain where group stayed 02 over nights while experiencing chill hills will be changing the destination to the Deep South leopard paradise while taking the group to a different climatic condition to feel,

Journey after breakfast once checkout will be relaxing. guide will pick the most suitable road to take to reach south and enroute will be possible to witness Rawana fall which is an amazingly beautiful water fall express eve feelings or rawana sanctuary by it clear streams or Diyaluma fall which is the second tallest waterfall in the island over 620ft above from groups by the way side, this amazing location will take away the nature loving eyes while sprinkling her fresh drops in the faces on those who look up at this fall, it’s memorable place to anyone who admire Mother Nature,

Next enroute will be a symbolic Temple Having the tallest Buddha statue belongs to the island, it’s a tall day. The group will be served Sri lankan lunch prepared carefully and tasty by the locals before explore the history combined to different time periods and any matter related to Buddhism with your guide, while he showing and taking the chance to introduce the way locals here follow Buddha and his teaching in front of rock cut giant Buddha statue will make anyone understand and to create a picture about Buddhist schools of Sri Lanka and how amazing the Buddhist philosophy is. It will be a moment many maybe getting introduced to the future cosmic religion practiced in this island for thousands of years,

Lunch and the temple will be a perfect combination before we reach the one night safari hotel,

Once group reached evening will be free and next day morning will be an early wake up due to group will join the morning safari with a packed pick-nick breakfast those matters and information and introduction will be sharing by the guide during the included dinner provide by hotel restaurant,

Dinner in the hotel will let the group to have a peaceful rest and sleep before the safari and it will be the best way to save for another great day.

Overnight stay at Jetwing yala safari camp (9th night in Sri Lanka)

Little League

Day 9

As discussed last night today will be an early morning wake up to experience the most exciting and second biggest, annually most visited national park in southern Sri Lanka. this place has recognized as a national park in the world with the highest density of the biggest species of leopards living in the world.

Group will be leaving the hotel around 5 am after enjoying the morning coffee served by the hotel, today breakfast will be a pick nick breakfast prepared by the hotel according the Pre Oder given by your guide with group request and the meal preferences,

Bottle of water, fruit juice and some fresh fruits will be added to the breakfast and group can enjoy this in the safe safari jeep allocated upon request of SKYFEATHER to guarantee the safety and satisfaction of the Safari, our jeep drivers are handful and most experienced multi lingual safari drivers,

Your guide will inform you the safari rules and will be pointing out about many will touch your eyes in this green and lush paradise like 125000 acres big national park,

Our guides are experts and they will make sure your need to be filled,

Half way of the safari there will be a short break at the beach to enjoy your pick nick breakfast and to use the toilets.

Checking out from your one night safari hotel will be only after you come back from the safari and even after a refreshment with a good shower,

After leaving the hotel with all belongings enroute will be a sweet stop to learn how people produce CURD using buffalo milk and natural fermenting process without a freezer by just using some clay pots will be interesting to know, while enjoying some fresh cured mixed with some palm trickle.

Journey up to the first overnight beach stop will be a scenic relaxing ride, from endless green rice fields to some clean beautiful Sinhalese villages close to the beach will take away tiredness of the day by waking up early.

Next to will be the first beach stop to experience to the group when reach it will be the time for lunch and group will be enjoying a delicious seafood welcome arranged by SKYFEATHER in a Restaurant on the beach,

Evening will be a relaxing time to enjoy the sunset and to have farewell dinner on the beach.

Overnight stay at Hotel Nuga Eden, Tangalle. (10th and final night in Sri Lanka)

Little League


11:30 am

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Tell people more about the services you offer. Use this repeating layout to display content. It's an easy way to keep your customers up to date with what's happening. Want to make this content your own? Simple drag and drop elements like text, images and links, or connect to data from your collection. Tell people more about the services you offer. Use this repeating layout to display content. It's an easy way to keep your customers up to date with what's happening. Want to make this content your own? Simply drag and drop elements.

Little League


11:30 am

Tell people more about the services you offer. Use this repeating layout to display content. It's an easy way to keep your customers up to date with what's happening. Want to make this content your own? Simple drag and drop elements like text, images and links, or connect to data from your collection. Tell people more about the services you offer. Use this repeating layout to display content. It's an easy way to keep your customers up to date with what's happening. Want to make this content your own? Simply drag and drop elements.


Tell people more about the services you offer. Use this repeating layout to display content. It's an easy way to keep your customers up to date with what's happening. Want to make this content your own? Simple drag and drop elements like text, images and links, or connect to data from your collection. Tell people more about the services you offer. Use this repeating layout to display content. It's an easy way to keep your customers up to date with what's happening. Want to make this content your own? Simply drag and drop elements.