Why Kandy Man?

My walk of life in Sri Lankan Tourism industry is around 11 years. Traveling has been, it is and always be the best therapy in my life. It was an eye-opener to me.


I’ve travelled around Sri Lanka but there are so much magnanimous places that I’m still waiting to explore. I have travelled few countries in this amazing world as the traveler’s says “ Life Is Short The World Is Wide” In my journey of life… Exploring places is always attractive it never ends there.. Learning the lifestyles of the people.. Being a part of their culture and respecting them for what they are, is all about what I’ve learnt in going back to the memory lane of the beautiful memories I’ve made.


I believe sharing the life styles and experience of a Sri Lankan is the most valuable and important thing to a Traveller. Sharing my life experiences & Sri Lankan way of living is my favorite thing about guiding.


Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can.


Come & enjoy explore and experience the uniqueness of this magical island..!


Arni – The Kandy Man 

Sri Lanka with Kandy Man
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